Fall 2015 Clinic

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What is The Sula Foundation?

The Sula Foundation was named after author Ken Foster’s pit bull Sula,who was featured in his popular book The Dogs Who Found Me. Sula’s organization is made of pit bull owners and other fans of the breed and our focus is promoting responsible pit bull ownership throughout New Orleans. We sponsor events, lectures, low-cost vaccination clinics and free spay/neuter services. We also, on a limited basis and as space and funds allow, rescue and rehome abandoned dogs.
Sula PictureWhen did the organization begin?

Our first event took place in March 2008. In our first year, we completed 15 adoptions; paid for over 30 spay/neuter surgeries; funded at least eight complete heartworm treatments and sponsored 50 sets of vaccinations. Our quarterly low-cost vaccination clinics now attract in excess of one hundred dogs per day. We have also hosted a legal talk on pit bull issues, helped send two members of the LASPCA for training at Bad Rap’s pit bull camp in Oakland, CA, and participated in the evaluation and placement of dogs from the largest dogfighting bust in US history.

PO Box 3780
New Orleans, LA 70117