Training Classes

NOTE: We are not currently offering training classes, but we do offer a $25 rebate to pit bull owners who complete a basic obedience class with the Louisiana SPCA.  For details email

Basic Manners

Do pit bulls need special training? Of course not! They learn the same way all other breeds of dogs do: they repeat behaviors that are reinforced. So how do we teach them which behaviors we want them to repeat and which behaviors we prefer they not? We use pain-free, reward-based methods that are supported by the science of animal learning and dog behavior, and we add in lots of heart. Reward-based methods (often popularly referred to as positive reinforcement) are fun for your dog and you, and help to strengthen the human-canine bond.

Sure, pits don’t require their own training classes, but it’s more fun that way!

Reactive Rover Classes 

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